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MHC Points

  • In order to qualify for year-end awards you must compete at 3 MHC rated shows in the same division.

  • Points can take several weeks (4-6) depending on how long it takes to get them from the horse show.

  • Missing points from horse show? Make sure the horse show manager sent in a copy of the insurance certificate 14 days before the horse show. The steward must also verify that a copy of the insurance was posted at the horse show.

Questions on your points?

Submit all questions and inquires on points using the form to the right.

MHC Days of Champions Points System & Qualification Specs


Medal Point Questions: Dee Dee Wilbur,


How to Qualify: A member needs 10 points to qualify for the finals. Adults, Juniors and Mini-Medals qualify for the finals by points accumulation.  Points do not change based on size of the class.

How many Rider's Fill a Class: 3 riders in all divisions complete a class.


Combining Medal Class: The MHC will be following the NEHC Medal Rule by allowing horse shows to COMBINE the MHC Junior Medal with the MHC Adult Medals if there are not enough entries to fill one or the other. If there are also enough entries with the Juniors and Adults combined horse shows can run 2 Medal classes. The juniors and adults will show at their respective heights (2’6”-2’9” for Adults and 3’ for Juniors).

As of  2022 Points SeasonAny MHC Medal Rider (Adult, Junior, Mini, Adult-Mini) that has qualified for the finals may continue to compete in the MHC Medal Class to help non-qualified riders qualify. This is also valid for the combination of medal classes (i.e. if 2 adult riders need a 3rd to fill the class, a qualified junior may compete in the class. Vice versa and same for the Mini-Medal Crossover).

Point System:

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