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Massachusetts Horsemen's Council Careers

At the MHC, we have Board Members who dedicate their time and energy to our non-profit organization. Our aim is to give our members the best experience possible. Below at the open positions that we are looking to fill for the Massachusetts Horsemen's Council.


MHC Digital Marketing Manager

MHC Digital Marketing Manager - Remote


Part Time/Full Time: PART TIME

Pay Rate: $20/Hour (but negotiable based on resume)

The MHC is looking to fill the Digital Marketing Manager Role immediately. The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for the strategy, maintenance, and improvements to the MHC website and social channels.

Ideal candidate:

- Has a background in Marketing. Bachelor's degree preferred.

- Someone who could join the Board of Directors and attend 6 bi-monthly meetings a year (usually an hour) to provide updates on the website and make changes for the board as needed. Need to take the call from the barn? We're cool with that.

- Ideally someone who has knowledge of the MHC organization including but not limited to, a current or prior MHC member. 

- Eager to make a difference and can be a thought leader when it comes to the MHC's digital assets.

- Responds to email quickly as many of the website change order requests come in via email as the board only meets once every other month.

- Is tech savvy.

- Has experience or could quickly self-train on the WIX website platform.

- Has experience with Facebook and Instagram.

- This position is part time and can be done after normal working hours to allow candidates to work a full time job in addition to this one. 

- Ability to work well with others.

- Completes projects on time.

- Has good follow-up communication skills.

This position reports into the President of the MHC.

The existing Digital Marketing Manger will be here to help with the transition of the work.

How to Apply

Please send your resume to Carolyn Lavin at

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