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Kenya Sanders Wins the MHC Junior Medal at the Fieldstone Spring Festival

Halifax, MA – 5/21/16 – Kenya Sanders bested a field of eight on Saturday at the Fieldstone Spring Festival for the win in the MHC Junior Medal.

The pair impressed Irving Evans, a well-known judge in the New England area, whom was a judge at the MHC finals last fall. The course tested the ability of each rider to navigate a series of bending lines and an end jump asking their horses to open and collect their horse’s stride. With her fluid, consistent pace and beautiful seat, she stood out in the competitive field of riders. What solidified her win was mastering the most difficult aspect of the course, the bending line of five strides to a two stride.

“I felt really good about my trip. My favorite part was the five stride to the in-and-out,” said Sanders. She won the class on her new horse, Indigo. Sanders is transitioning from her successful career in the Medium Pony Hunters to the Junior Medals and Equitation. Indigo will be her chosen mount for her debut at the MHC Finals this September. She trains with Cookie DeSimone out of Woodridge Farm.

We congratulate Kenya on her success and look forward to watching her in the fall at the MHC Finals.

For additional information on the Fieldstone Spring Festival visit:

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