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Emma Motl Soars to First Place in the MHC Junior Medal at Fieldstone Show Park

HALIFAX, MA – August 24th, 2019 – Emma Motl climbed to the top spot of the MHC Junior Medal at the Fieldstone Summer Showcase at Fieldstone Show Park.

Emma came out on top under the advisement of trainer Armand Chenelle, of Windcrest Farm, aboard her newly purchased mount, Gallant Maji T. She has been paired with “Majic” for over a year; leasing him for a year and then finally purchasing him in August. Emma explains that during her course at Fieldstone she “maintained a steady pace and a good connection with her horse”, which helped her to claim her spot.

Emma’s first place in the MHC medal qualifies her for the finals during the last weekend in September in Northampton, MA at the Three County Fairgrounds. She is thrilled to be attending the finals because this will be her first time ever competing at the MHC Finals.

While Emma only just moved up to competing in the 3’ this year, she has had many other honorable accomplishments thus far, receiving 4th place in the Hunters at CHJA Finals, as well as ribboning at Lake Placid and Vermont. However, Emma has a lot of time left competing in the junior medal, as she is only 15 years old. She explains that she is “looking forward to competing for her first time at the MHC Finals with the best partner she could ask for”. Good luck, Emma, and we can’t wait to see you there!

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