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Ella Moxey rides to the top of the MHC Junior Medal

at the Fieldstone Summer Showcase.

HALIFAX MA - August 27th, 2016 - Ella Moxey rode to the top of the MHC Junior Medal at the Fieldstone Summer Showcase under the direction of trainer Frank Perla.

Ella Moxey may be new to the 3' ring, but don't be fooled by her inexperience. Moxey, who trains with Frank Perla of Woodgate Farm moved up to the 3' height at the Fieldstone Summer Showcase and won the MHC Junior Medal class all in the same day. Her chosen mount for this task was a horse owned by her trainer named "Celebrity". Also known as "Lily," Moxey attributed her success to the mare for giving her the confidence to go out in the ring and do well.

"This was a show of firsts," Moxey said. "It was my first show on Lily, my first time ever doing the jumpers and my first time ever in the 3’ equitaiton ring!" Even though this might have been their first show together it proved to be a very successful partnership. Having only been with Frank Perla for about a month now Moxey said that he is working hard to prepare her for the finals. It will be her first time attending and competing at the MHC Days of Champions, but she is looking forward to competing against other great riders who have a lot of experience under their belts.

What you don't often hear from the world of junior riders is hearing about how their goal for competing is to have fun. Junior riders face a unique challenge where the majority of them have similar goals to win a certain class or final with only a fixed amount of time before aging out.

What was nice hearing from Ella was her fun and positive attitude towards competing. She said, "We just went out there and had fun. Winning MHC as well as my modified Child/Adult jumpers was such a surprise and an amazing way to end the week at Fieldstone."

Moxey competes in the 12-14 age group so she has quite a while before aging out. Keep your eyes on this one folks. Shes a naturally beautiful rider with a lot of talent.

Photo Credit to Jane Carlton

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