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Kazara Aldeborgh comes out on top in the MHC Junior Medal at the NHHJA Summer Festival

Brought to you by the MHC Internship Program

By Jeni DePietro

HALIFAX, MA – July 3rd, 2019 – Kazara Aldeborgh comes out on top in the MHC Junior Medal class at the NHHJA Summer Festival hosted by Fieldstone Show Park. Aldeborgh rode Newbury Street, a horse that is owned by her trainer, Sarah Rivers, of Great Pond Farm to the top spot. Sarah and Great Pond Farm are located on Martha's Vineyard in West Tisbury, MA.

2019 has been a year of new beginnings and bittersweet endings for Aldeborgh. With 2019 marking her last junior year, she began riding a new mount at the start of the year to help her move up to the 3’ division for her last junior year . At NHHJA Aldeborgh competed int the 15-17 equitation, Children's Hunter Horse division as well as the MHC Junior Medal. This was one of her first big shows doing the 3'.

That didn't stop her though from coming out an conquering the MHC Junior Medal. She says, "The trust and confidence I instill into myself as well as my wonderful horse and gave me the confidence to execute a strong course."

While Aldeborgh has never been to the MHC finals before, she has been champion several times out in the 2'-2'6" divisions over the past few years. Competing under pressure is something that she is used to. While attending MHC Finals will be a first for Aldeborgh, it certainly isn't her trainers first time attending the finals. Last year Sarah Rivers coach Sydney Jansy to a 4th place finish in the MHC Junior Medal Final.

We look forward to seeing you compete at your first MHC Junior Medal finals in September, Kazara!

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