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First Time Horse Show Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the 2022 Show Season. MHC, as the affiliating organization, works with show management to provide the best horse show experience for our membership and all exhibitors at the show.

In order to ensure safety and fairness it is important that our rules are followed and deadlines are met. The rules are spelled out in the MHC rule book which is available on our website: Forms for affiliation and post show report are available online as well. Details, contact information for MHC staff, and much more is in the rule book. Some highlights of the show requirements are listed below.

  • Applications for affiliation and fee must be received by our Points & Affiliation secretary Dee Dee Wilbur, at least 45 days prior to the show.

  • Show managers must be MHC members

  • Two drafts of the Prize List must be sent to the Prize List Editor, Sandy Crowe at least 45 days before the show, prior to printing or distribution.

  • Licensed Judge and Steward must be hired. An EMT must be hired to be on the ground for the duration of the show.

  • Insurance certificate (COI) must be received by Paulajean O’Neill 14 days before show, and must name MHC as additional insured and list the date and location of horse show. A copy of this COI is to be posted in the show office where it is visible to the show steward on the days of the show..

  • Within 7 days following the show a copy of the prize list and completed post competition report, accompanied by horse fees, medal fees, and any membership monies collected at the show must be sent to Dee Dee Wilbur.

  • Please READ and become familiar with pages 5-13 as much of this information is necessary to properly run a horse show. Also note fines and fees on page 44.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the MHC directors, referred to above, who are involved in show management. We are happy to help and wish you a successful horse show.

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