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Emma Fletcher wins the 2016 MHC Junior Medal Championship

In the history of the MHC Days of Champions Finals it's well known that there is the open eq curse. If you win the open eq. class, you are cursed to not win the championship medal final. This year, every single medal winner took home a grand slam, winning the open eq. and the medal championship classes smashing the curse.

Both Emma Fletcher and Reserve Champion Grace Jackson won their open eq. classes with scores in the high eighties setting the day off on a good foot.

The Junior Medal course designed by Scott Adler was one that tested the riders ability to adjust their horses stride length and place them at the base of the jump. The true tests in the course was 5a and 5b, a bounce headed towards home and then a long approach to the last jump, jump 8, a solid 3' faux stone wall.

The top 23 riders all scored in the 80's ranging from Grace Jackson's high of a 89 and the cut off, Lilly early with an 80.18

 Coming back into the second round, riders had to ride the first course backwards proving to be difficult for many. First ride on course Lilly Early climbed her way all the way to ninth place after putting in a beautiful second round.

The championship title came down to the top six junior riders coming back to execute a test told to them over the loud speaker as they stood in the ring.

The test was simple, but there was one piece that got all but two of the riders. In the test riders were asked to trot jump five. In the second round course, jump five was jumped away from home. In the test, four of the six riders jumped it in the wrong direction.

Emma, coming back fourth in the test was the first rider to jump the trot jump in the right direction. The crowed grew silent watching one rider do the test completely differently than the other riders.

Then last but certainly not least came Grace Jackson. Grace, who trains with Annie Dotoli of Tibri had been on top all day with scores of 89. She trotted jump five in the same direction as Emma, but as Grace went to trot the jump her horse lost his footing and knocked a rail down making Emma the 2016 Junior Medal Champion.

Here are the final results of the MHC Junior Medal Championship

Place Entry Horse Rider Owners Trainer

1 325 Conspicuous Emma Fletcher Emma Fletcher Kathryn Fletcher

2 261 Casper II Grace Jackson Tibri LLC Ann Dotoli

3 107 Euro's Amazing Grace Ada Rohan Ada Rohan Ann Dotoli

4 106 HC Bellini Miles Holman Holman Imports LLC Robert Graham

5 401 Notorious Sydney North Bridget McConville Robert Graham

6 350 Ambassador Cwf Taryn Fall Katherine Benard Shane Powell

7 112 Nash Stephanie Johnson Stephen King Phyllis Cervelli

8 271 Dior W Erin Shaw Red Oak Partners, LLC Ann Dotoli

9 283 BY STARLIGHT Kiley Subklew Melissa Raffaeli Debora Sullivan

10 154 Vincitore's Legacy Meghan Keliher Meghan Keliher Lia Chafee

11 170 Amsterdam Kate Coffey Kate Coffey Carl Catani

12 152 Common Sense Alyx F. Podgurski Tatra Farm Lia Chafee

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