Previous MHC Day's of Champions Winners

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MHC 18-30 Adult Medal Finals 


Trainer:  River Wind Farm - Carl Catani, Lia Chafee, Abby Greer, Deidre Catani,.

MHC 30+ Adult Medal Finals


Trainer: Dana Hall - Greg Best, Sarah Summers, Carly Corbacho, Jen Burke

MHC Junior Medal Finals


Trainer: River Wind Farm - Carl Catani, Lia Chafee, Abby Greer, Deidre Catani,.

MHC Mini-Medal Finals


Trainer: Turning Point Show Stables - Sheryl McCloud

2018 Horse Lifetime Achievement 



2018 Adult Sportsmanship


2018 Junior Sportsmanship


MHC 18-30 Adult Medal Finals 

Allison Healy

MHC 30+ Adult Medal Finals

Robin Harkins

MHC Junior Medal Finals

Katherine Delagarza

MHC Mini-Medal Finals

Amira Kettaneh

MHC 18-30 Adult Medal Finals 

Hannah Brown

MHC 30+ Adult Medal Finals

Kristina Lyons

MHC Junior Medal Finals

Emma Fletcher

MHC Mini-Medal Finals

Annalise Manoog

MHC 18-30 Adult Medal Finals 

Sophie Allen

MHC 30+ Adult Medal Finals

Sara Wytrzes

MHC Junior Medal Finals

Kika Duffy

MHC Mini-Medal Finals

Meagan Kelhier

MHC 18-30 Adult Medal Finals 

Alexandra Cotreau

MHC 30+ Adult Medal Finals

Rosalie Giordano

MHC Junior Medal Finals

Hannah Patten

MHC Mini-Medal Finals

Miles Holman

18-30 Adult Medal Champions

2018 Carolyn C. Lavin

2017 Allison Healy

2016 Hannah Brown

2015 Sophie Allen

2014 Alexandra Cotreau

2013 Sarah Brodbent

2012 Alexa Bayko

2011 Abby Cook

2010 Devon Poeta

2009 Caroline Hughes

2008 Karlie Buck

2007 Amanda Powers

2006 Natalie Cooper

2005 Dyanna Rucco

2004 Brooke Markowitz

2003 Nicole Simkins

2002 Deirdre Catani

2001 Jean Ladouceur

2000 Cate Wagner

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30+ Adult Medal Champions

2018 Melissa Welch

2017 Robin Harkins

2016 Kristina Lyons

2015 Sara Wytrzes

2014 Rosalie Giordano

2013 Cadr Z. Bickford

2012 Laura Kadane

2011 Carolyn Lackey

2010 Spencer Saltonstall

2009 Wendy Wood?

2008 Kim Bullock

2007 Mary Davis

2006 Cynthia Stiglitz

2005 Sean Rogers

2004 Amy Cooper

2003 Nancy DeGregorio

2002 Brooke DeAngelis

2001 Linette Dooley

2000 Deirdre DePrisco

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Junior Medal 


2018 Sarah Hyde

2017 Katherine Delagarza

2016 Emma Fletcher

2015 Kika Duffy

2014 Hannah Patten

2013 Jordan Stiller

2012 Sarah Kieran

2011 Haley White

2010 Danielle Reny

2009 Andrea Robbins

2008 Natalie Crane

2007 Samantha Smith

2006 Amanda Powers

2005 Mathew Metell

2004 Chelsae Keyes

2003 Audrey Banks

2002 Kiera S. Piscia

2001 Katelyn Denby

2000 Jordan Bate

1999 Sara Wytrzes

1998 Sarah B. Willeman

1997 Jenna Kieley

1996 Nin Arieta

1995 Jaime Weght

1994 Erica Keany

1993 Haley Vaughn

1992 Jessica Karp

1991 Amanda Steege

1990 Alex Warriner

1989 Kristen Bumpus

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2018 Anna Leighton

2017 Amira Kettaneh

2016 Annalise Manoog 

2015 Meagan Kelhier

2014 Miles Holman

2013 Emma Fletcher

2012 Samantha Hamzavi

2011 Kendra Gierkink

2010 Katherine Johnson

2009 Devon Mac Leod

2008 Allison Healy

2007 Colby Wood

2006 Devon Wood

2005 Jackie Snyder

2004 Alexa Bayko

2003 Natalee Rolince

2002 Victoria C. Birdsall

2001 Suzanne Snyder

2000 Lauren Gibbs

1999 Kendall Bate

1998 Berit Barr

1997 Dyanna Rucco

1996 Erin Gibbs

1995 Erin Barnicle

1994 Susanna Fogel

1993 Kristen Stanley

1992 Louise Sinkler

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