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President: Joan Travers

Vice Presidents: Joseph Lombard & Felicia Knowles

Secretary/Treasurer/Membership/Year-End Points/Affiliations: Sally E. Hill

Prize List Editor & Chairman of the Board: Sandra Crowe

NEHC Delegates: Carolyn C. Lavin & Tamara Johnson

MHC Internships/NEHC Junior Board Committe: Carolyn C. Lavin

MHC Year-End Banquet: Susan Couper

Days of Champions: Felicia KnowlesDeborah Tate, Susan Couper.

Pleasure Classic: Coming Soon

MHC WebsiteCarolyn C. Lavin

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2016 MHC Board Member List

Susan Couper

55 Cherry Brook Road

Weston, MA 02493

[email protected]

Sandra Crowe

12 MilIville Road

Mendon, MA01756

[email protected]

Sally E. Hill

97 Walnut Street


(508) 476-3895

[email protected]

Felicia Knowles

223 State Rt 107 #10


(603) 474-3156

[email protected]

Tamara Johnson

28 Ball Hill Road

Berlin, MA 01503

[email protected]


Carolyn Weeks

774 Palmer Ave.


(508) 548-6671

[email protected]

Carolyn C. Lavin

12 Perrault Road

Needham, MA 02494

[email protected]

Joseph Lombard

28 Wellington Street

W. Medway, MA02053

[email protected]

Carol Larose

55 Hacketts Pond Drive

Hanover, MA 02339

781-878-7972 - Home

Bill Ritchie

1137 Walnut Plain Rd.

Rochester, MA 02770

(508) 763-8889

[email protected]

Deborah Tate

18 Surrey Lane


(508) 759-9512

[email protected]

Joan Travers

540 Drift Road


(508) 636-8620

[email protected]

Brian Wise

5 Brenrae Drive

Middleboro, MA 023456

(774) 766-1488

[email protected]