Massachusetts Horsemen's Council


For the first time we will be offering a MHC Adult Mini-Medal Final on Sunday afternoon after the MHC Mini Medal Finals. This will be one of the only finals in our area hosting an Adult Mini-Medal Finals in a large indoor setting. This is a great opportunity for adult riders who ride in the Modified Adult Hunter/Equitation, Special Hunters and 2'6" Jumper adults looking to try the equitation. Riders are allowed to ride ponies at the finals in September. Those participating in the Adult Mini Medal Final will also be able to warm up in the ring the morning of the finals in case you would like to ship in for the day. Specs for the class are below.

**Please note - if shows hosting this class have trouble filling it, this class can now be combined with the MHC Mini Medal Class. Similarly, if the MHC Mini Medal is not filling at a horse show, it can be combined with the MHC Adult Mini Medal. Riders for the MHC Adult Mini-Medal may continue to compete after qualifying. We look forward to our first participants in 2020!!

MHC Adult Hunt Seat Mini Medal

Open to adult members of MHC who have not jumped 2'9" or higher in the past 2 years. All contestants are to perform over a course not exceeding 8 fences and not less than 6 fences, excluding combinations and a height not to exceed 2'6"for horses and ponies. To fill a class 4 must complete the course. 10 points to qualify. May compete after qualifying.

MHC Adult Hunt Seat Mini Medal Final

All contestants are to compete over a course not exceeding 8 fences and not less than 6 fences, excluding combinations, at a height not exceed 2'6", for horses and ponies. 20% of the riders called back for a second round of at least 6 fences. At least one individual test of the top 4 will be required. At the Finals it will have an Open Class and then the Final.

For any questions please contact Sandy Crowe at [email protected]