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MHC Introduces Coverage of MHC Medal Winners at ‘A’ Rated Horse Shows for

2016 through Internship Program

Douglas, MA – May 19th, 2016 – The Massachusetts Horsemen’s Council is pleased to announce a new series of horse show coverage. In April, the Board of Directors introduced a marketing & communications internship program that marries the love of horse showing with business. It also creates a path for covering the success of MHC riders.

“The goal of the internship is to give riders whom want to pursue a career in marketing the opportunity to gain experience while still being able to attend horse shows in the summer. When I was in college I sacrificed a lot of riding time to attend in-office internships. My hope is that we can allow our members to continue doing what they love while growing their skill set for a career at the same time,” said Carolyn Lavin Chair of the MHC Internship Program.

The MHC internship is a ‘work from home/horse show’ opportunity. Interns will travel to ‘A’ rated horse shows across the state of Massachusetts from May through August writing press releases on those whom win the MHC medals. The journey to the Days of Champions is one that takes determination to qualify and persistence to prepare.

“For the first time we will be able to showcase the journey of our riders as they qualify for the Days of Champions. The press coverage will focus on those who win the MHC Adult, Junior, and Mini-Medal classes at ‘A’ rated horse shows. While the coverage schedule is still a work in progress, we will be starting off with the Fieldstone Spring Festival taking place May 18-22.”

Emma Fletcher, Tyler Bui and Riley Casey, all active MHC Junior members, have been selected as the interns for summer 2016. The three will be traveling to horse shows taking pictures of and interviewing medal winners. They will also be responsible for Instagram takeovers.

“We hope this brings excitement and fun to the MHC members and community. It’s a long road to qualify and prepare for the finals. Highlighting the journey is something that we look forward to doing.”

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