MHC Days of Champions


Nominate Your Friends, Horses and Trainers for Awards Given at the DOC

  1. Horse/Pony of the Year: If you have, or know of, a Horse/Pony that is being retired, or one that has distinguished himself/herself in the show ring, carrying a rider or a history of riders to the top of the show world, or any other deserving reason, we ask for your nominations and a brief reason and biography
  2. Person of the Year: Annual Person of the Year Award is meant to recognize someone in the equestrian community who has helped grown to the sport, fostered education and learning to our youth.
  3. Sportsmanship Award: This award is meant to recognize that special individual whether he/she be an adult or junior rider, trainer or parent who best exemplifies the finest in horse showing and supported graciousness. Please send your nomination along with a brief biography.

Submit your nomination using the button to the right. An email will fire. Just type your nomination information directly into the email by July 1st, 2016.

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